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  • edit Kampedia Wikia
    edited by FandomBot diff
    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • edit Black People
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
  • edit Cast Iron
    edited by Ebolapie diff
  • new page Cast Iron
    created by Ebolapie
    New page: Kam's father, Gordon, carries an autosomal dominant mutation in the CaFe gene which predisposes him to a merchant complex, specifically buying and...
  • edit Black People
    edited by Ebolapie diff
  • new page Black People
    created by Ebolapie
    New page: Despite allegations of being a white supremacist and swastikas being prominently featured in his interior design, Kam holds that he is not a racist,...
  • new page Employment
    created by IndianaNinja
    New page: Being a young adult, Kamron has worked a few jobs, all for near minimum wage and all in the service industry. The first job Kamron had was at the...
  • new page 4chan
    created by Ebolapie
    New page: Kam really appreciates a dank meme every now and again, and when he wants the dankest memes he goes only to the infamous hacking website 4chan.
    Summary: added picture also things
    Added photo:
  • new page Anime
    created by Ebolapie
    New page: Kam really likes anime. His favorite anime is Sailor Moon, but Inuyasha is a close second.
    Summary: EVERYTHING
  • new page Kam
    created by Ebolapie
    New page: Kam is a human being currently living in [parts unknown.]
    Summary: fgsfds

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