Kam's father, Gordon, carries an autosomal dominant mutation in the CaFe gene which predisposes him to a merchant complex, specifically buying and selling cast iron.

Cast Iron is iron that has been cast in a mold rather than crafted by a blacksmith. If you'd like to know more about cast iron, you could try that other wiki. Or, more conveniently, just ask Kam's dad about cast iron, and he'll tell you. He'll tell you everything.

Because the gene is dominant, Kam carries the gene as well, and he also is predisposed to hoarding. In his youth, this has taken the form of collecting tens of thousands of dollars worth of game consoles, anime figurines, and rare Nintendo memorabilia, but he still won't buy a desktop computer because "it's too expensive." Scientists estimate that Kam's obsessions will turn to cast iron around the age of 30.

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